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but I'm sure this is me x
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Well well.. [19 Nov 2003|06:49pm]
It's been FOREVER since I've posted, huh? Sorry.. Just been really busy lately.

Just letting everyone know I'm still alive.. I'll post a lot more later. I'll also explain why I haven't been updating.

Yeah [14 Oct 2003|01:28am]
[ mood | sad ]

I am an ugly, filthy, FAT, creature. Who can't believe in love.

I envy Brandin.

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Awake still. [13 Oct 2003|02:39am]
[ mood | blah ]

Hm.. Okay! I couldn't sleep. Tried. So let me tell you about what happened in my day (the 12th) even though today is the 13th, because it's 2:41 in the morning..

Well.. I got up, took Cheryl home, went to work, it was a good day, actually. I got to keep the van today for work, so I listened to my CD's on the way there. Went to break.. Smoked a cig, went back up front, worked, went to lunch 2 hours later.. got Wendys, bummed money off my cousin, cause I had nothing, listened to the music, went back to work, got off.. And got on the computer.

Hm.. This guy named "Damon" today, said he saw me.. He goes in one of the chat rooms I go in.. I think he likes me, cause he said I was cute, and etc. Whatever. I'm ugly.

Anyway.. I got to get up early, as in, a few hours from now, to take my mom to work, and then take Cheryl to her Orthadontix.. In Round Rock, so I have to pick her up from school at 9.. and her apointment is at 10, and, so we'll be home around 12-ish.. We both have work, so we'll hang out with each other, until I have to drop her off, because of well, yeah.. work.

So anyway. That's about it. My day was fun, an average day. *nod* Post later on today.


Yay Lee! [13 Oct 2003|01:58am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Leanne! I love you. <3 You're great. Hehe.

Got home from work.. And. Hm.. It was a fun day, I'll post later about it. Lol when I get rest. *nodnod*

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schwee :D [12 Oct 2003|11:37pm]
LiLi was hereE>
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Wow [12 Oct 2003|03:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

Yeah okay, yesterday was fun. I went out with Abe, and Cheryl like I said I was, we had some fun.. Went to wal*mart, messed around, did stupid stuff, theeeeen, we went back to my place, picked up my mom, went to Best Buy, installed a CD player for her VAN WHICH I'M SO GLAD IS FINALLY IN, then, got something to eat, and on the way to drop Abe home, my mom can't drive, so hit a curb, and she popped her god damn tire, and well yeah, we were stuck in another city, having no idea where we were at. Lmao. It was pretty bad, we were there for a couple of hours, but we finally did get home..

Hm.. Cheryl spent the night, dropped her off around 12pm-ish. Watched Charmed, yeah.

Hm.. Now it's today, so I been sleeping, cause I have work at 6pm.. and don't get home until 1:15am .. GAH. Yeah. Work sucks. And guess what? I have to be up that NEXT morning by 5:45am to take my mom to work, so I can keep the van tomorrow, cause I have to take Cheryl to her Orthadontix appointment tomorrow. Which is in Round Rock.. And that's about an hour away. BUT! WE HAVE A CD PLAYER NOW! YAY! :D

Kay. Done ranting.. See ya'll tomorrow. *nodnod* .. Gonna go get ready for work, eat dinner, then leave. *nodnod*


[11 Oct 2003|02:42am]
Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
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Pictures! *Pose* (Just me for now until later!) [11 Oct 2003|12:02am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

YEAH! DON'T LAUGH! =P I'm taking off two other pics, cause I scared myself when I viewed this fuckin post. Lmao

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:D [10 Oct 2003|11:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

HEEEEY! I feel a whole lot better.

Let's see... Finally getting over Austin. He sent me an IM earlier and asked why I haven't been online lately, and if I was doing okay.. Well yeah. I haven't been on, because I'M TRYING TO GET OVER YOU GUY! <3

Anyway.. I'm GONNA MEET ABE TOMORROW! He's a cool gay guy. Not like all the other ones that lie and shit. I'm gonna pick up Cheryl's ass too, and Nikki, ONLY if she doesn't bring that ass Reme along. Ugh.

But yeah. I got my PICTURES DEVELOPED! :DDD It has Brandin and shit in it. And all those other fuckin' people. But I love 'em ALL. Wheeee.

I look all fat and ew in those pics. BUT OH WELL. I DON'T CARE!

Random comment:
I love DJ Mystic

Now anyway, there's this REALLY CUTE guy who works in Hardware (In wal*mart) so you KNOW he's good with his hands.. *giggle giggle* ... And He always smiles at me and asks how I'm doing! AHAHAHA I'M SO HAPPY!

Err... But I think he has a wife, lmao. And a baby. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT I'LL MARRY HIM ANYWAY AND HAVE HIM TO MYSELF!

Hm.. Yes, as you can see, I feel a WHOLE lot better. :DDD

Yup, that's about it. <3 Loveies!

Have today off, and Saturday, and work Sunday. BUT.. I bought my mom her CD player! WHOO HOO! Ugh, gonna get it installed tomorrow though. Which is another 100 bucks out of my pocket, THEN I get to be broke! YAY! Lol.

So yeah. See ya peoples! REPLY DAMN YOU!

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A song that fits me.. With Austin... [06 Oct 2003|09:57pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Stacy Orrico - "More to Life"

I've got it all, but I feel so deprived
I go up, I come down and I'm emptier inside
Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing
And why can't I let it go

There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
Than wanting more

I've got the time and I'm wasting it slowly
Here in this moment I'm half way out the door
Onto the next thing, I'm searching for something that's missing

There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
I'm wanting more.....

I'm always waiting on something other than this
Why am I feelin' like there's something I missed.....

There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more to life...

Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more to life....life..
...more to life..life..theres gotta be more to life...
...more to life....theres gotta be more to life...
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BLAH! [06 Oct 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Well anyway.. I WENT TO THAT PARTY. (The 4th) - Saturday, had it off. So what the hell. Um, went to the doctor and got Sunday off, and Monday. So I go back tomorrow (Tuesday). Ick.. 2-11 tomorrow. Ah weeeeell.

Um.. This is for myself in the future:


Kay. I feel a little bit better.

Um.. Yeah. I don't know what to say, other than I want to kill myself..

Oh yes!

Cheryl and I went out today, we had a great time, we were gonna invite Nikki, but ew.. She was with Reme, and we all dislike Reme, except Nikki, so we decided not to bother her. Lol.

Let's see.. We.. Went to Taco Bell, and we laughed our asses off, cause some bitch that worked there was all looking at us like we were stupid, and I go "Hey Bitch, stop looking over here, mind your own business, and fuckin' do your JOB" LOL! I -swear- I said that.

Cheryl started busting up laughing. Anyway, after we got our food, we saw that same girl go to the bathrooms and start cleaning, and Cheryl was like "Yeah, you better get your ass to cleaning, that's where you belong, bitch" LMAO! It was great.

Then we, went to wal*mart, she got some deaorant and stuff, and we made comments on some guys, etc. Anyway, then we went home, looked up some movies on the internet, so we can go watch, but nothing's playing in theater as usual.. Just sucky ass movies. Then we decided to go pick up one of other other friends Margita. So she went with us, and we went to the mall, and had some fun.

Um.. I saw this rainbow necklace there, and decided to get it, but it was 10 dollars, and I didn't want to spend it soooo... LOL. Yeah, you can guess what I did. But I ended up getting it. From SPENCERS. *nodnod*

Hm.. Later, we dropped her off, and we went to go pick up my mom from work.. And I then.. Hm.. We went out again, went to Wal*mart again, lol.. Cheryl got some more hair stuff to highlight it.. Annnd... Then we went to Burger King, ate (this has been about 6 hours after Taco Bell, so we were hungry again), then we went to the Dollar Tree, I bought some gum, and a key chain, she bought some award pins, and FUCKING GAVE ME ONE that said "Good Eater Award"!

I started busting up laughing.. Psh, she was being sarcastic cause we ate BK, and TB today. Lol. Bitch. She ate more than me! Hmph. Lol.

Um.. Then we talked about how to lose weight, cause we're both fat asses, who ate fast food TWICE in one day, and that's scary as hell. LOL. We're gonna go jogging this weekend.

Hm.. Then later around 7, I dropped her off, because she's gonna color her hair.. Hm.. Then come home.. HAD TO GO BACK OUT AGAIN, so I can drop the car off with my brother, at work. Then drove back home with mom.. Got on the computer, chatted for about 10 mins, downloaded a song, and now here I am! :D

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LA FREAKIN BAMBA [04 Oct 2003|01:45am]
[ mood | confused ]

So yeah, anyway. I woke up at 12.. Was up for about an hour or two, went back to sleep, talked to Austin, for about an hour, went to work, and then...


Why? Let me tell you why! Because this bitch, right when I got there, too, was like my 4th customer, and she was all.. "EXCUSE ME SIR, yeah, I want that seperate if you don't mind" and I was like "Sorry, I didn't know.." and she was all "Well there was a big space between them, you need to learn how to pay attention, or is that not in your vocabulary?"

GOD. I wanted to kick her ass... But I blew it off.. I wanted to cry, because you know that feeling where you get so fusturated, because you can't say or do anything back? Yeah...

Anyway.. I was put on register 12.. *sigh* And blah, I don't like the long lanes.. And .. I just talked to Mike, and he said Austin was there at wal*mart tonight.. But I was already gone.. Oh well. Things are shit right now, you know? But still, I will keep a smile on my face, because I know it will get better, sometime in this shit life of mine.

I mean.. I'm no angel, but I know there's one watching over me, at least.. I hope. And sure I can be a bit dramatic.. Okay, a lot dramatic.. But I'm only human, I can't be perfect, and always happy, that's not normal.. But I'll try to be more happy..

I don't think Austin's gonna be on tonight.. I guess I'll talk to him tomorrow.. Or see him at the party later that night... Ugh, there I go talking about him again, I hate this. I really do.

I need to listen to what Brandin said.. (I actually talked to her today).. She said I should listen to some happy music, and cheer up.. Then Jackie said she wish she could be here, to comfort me.. Blah, and Cheryl said she would have cussed that girl out earlier, if she was there for me, but she was at work too..

So anyway..

I think I'm gonna go lay down, I hate feeling like this. I need some happy pills. I'll buy them off you if you're reading this! Anyone! Lmao.

Err... Oh, YAY! Abe is gonna call me.. He seems really cool, he's actually a nice gay guy, unlike a lot of them I know..

Anyway. I'm off.. I'll post later. Hopefully it'll be a good post, unlike the past two.


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Ick.. [02 Oct 2003|09:50pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Well, cancel everything with Austin. He's stabbed the dagger in my heart, finally. There's no hope for us, he loves Justin, always has. Hey, I'd be a real jerk, if I condemed him for that. It was my fault to begin with, and if he's happy, then more power to him. I'm glad he's good. That's all I care about.

He's been nice to me lately. They want me to go to a party with them, on Saturday. I'd go, but I don't know, I wanna go, and I don't. Because JUSTIN will be there (Austin's boyfriend), and they'll be kissing and crap like that, while I'm just there watching.. I can't handle that!

This isn't right! Ugh.

He made me a winamp skin.. Of Sailor Moon, cause he knows I like her.. That was nice.. And he made me a rose... It was cute.. *Sigh*... Onto other things.. I haven't updated for quite a while...

Last week, I almost got fired, because I took a 45 minute break, when we're only allowed 15, but damn! I was feeling sick to my stomach, and tired as hell. Um, I think I already posted about my D-day. So basically, I'm walking on a thin line at work right now, and I have to be an angel with them, or goodbye to my job. Yup.

Also, I fuckin' hate me, did I forgot to mention that?

Annnd... I met a friend at work. Her name is Jackie, found out she moved here last month, and has no friends, so I decided to help her out with that little situation. We're gonna hang out.

Hm.. Brandin and I don't talk as much anymore, I don't know if she's mad at me or what, I don't even know, I don't talk to her or see her much, I think she's still pissed because I said her boyfriend was ugly. Oops, my fuckin' bad. Not everyone can think someone's cute. I mean, I'm sure BILLIONS of people think I'm fuckin ugly too, and hey, I'm one of them. *WHOO HOO*

I took a bunch of pictures of my friends and I at work.. Gonna get them on CD, so hopefully, I'll post them up here. So yeah.. That is what's been going on. *nodnod*

Hm.. I finally bought my color contacts from that girl. They're great on me, I look spactaculo! Also, I got my hair cut today, and my eyebrows done, since Natalie's bitch ass was all "You need to get your eyebrows done, seriously" WHATEVER. Well it's done, happy? SHIT.

And tomorrow, watch me have to hear it from Tina, because I didn't go to her son's first party today. Excuse me for having a life. I had things to do too, you know. It was my only day off, in what? 5 days? Yeah.

I'm not very happy as you can see, because yeah well... Austin mainly. Ugh, I want to die.

And now some guy won't leave me alone.. He's being a dick, and a fuckin' PERVERT. Look at this shit:

*NOTE* ( I AM Piper_Osiris )
«prinwillus» Would like to feel your tounge... LOL
«Piper_Osiris» Excuse me?
«prinwillus» LOL its pierced?
«Piper_Osiris» Yes.
«prinwillus» and sooooooo?
«Piper_Osiris» Why do you want to feel my tounge? with your finger?
«prinwillus» No my cock..... LOL
«prinwillus» Im in cove also
«Piper_Osiris» Okay, that's neat.
«prinwillus» What Im in cove or your tounge?
«Piper_Osiris» You're 30, with no picture. Do you think I'll go visit you?
«prinwillus» Will yea.... Why not?
«Piper_Osiris» Picture?
«prinwillus» Im not some pig...

YEAH. If someone doesn't kill me. I'll fuckin' do it myself. *nod*

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OMG [22 Sep 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Brandin's a bitch! (=P Brandin)

She goes and posts in her journal about me, being an asshole, and that I emberress her. NAH, but I know she's joking, or at least, she better be. Or I'll fuck dat ho' up wit ze' rainbow stick from hell.



I went to a party last Saturday night, and OMG, the cops showed up, and I was DRUNK as hell, I fuckin' barely stood there while he asked for my ID, but I ended up giving it to him, and Mike was just like "Andrew, don't talk", because I wrecked with Alcohol smell, and just.. Ew. Anywho, as I was saying, yeah, it was fun that night, because we busted out with Cheryl's play girl magazine, and I went wild, and this one girl started screaming because the dude in one of the pics had a small ding dong, so I was laughing my ass off.

I had the day off by the way. And I work tomorrow, gah. I don't want to go, but life's a whore, and my next day off is this Thursday, how gay. BUT FOR ONCE I GET MY FIRST SATURDAY OFF on the 4TH! YAAAAY! So happy. And I also get that Friday off, lol the 10th, so the 4th, I'm gonna throw a party. With two kegs, like 2 24 packs, and MY OWN BOTTLE OF BACARDI SUPIERIOR! WHEE!

And there's a big ass sterio, so Mike's gonna bring all his Techno cd's over, and we're gonna blast the hell out of it, and go wild, I CAN'T FUCKIN WAIT!

Hm.. That's it. Oh, and you must download this it's funny shit! AHAHA! :D Oh.. And Austin and I are getting closer... *blushes* We're almost there...

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Hm..! [17 Sep 2003|12:19am]
[ mood | discontent ]

I spent 30 bucks last night on books, another 5 on subway.. AH! BROKE! Hm.. I have SOME money left. Lol. But that must last me until next pay day, and I refuse to take any money out from the bank. So yeah.

I'll go back to reading now. Yup. :D And I have a new interest:

Austin Cox. <--- He's yummy.

But... I doubt he'll like me once we meet in person... I'm not at all cute.

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Grr! [17 Sep 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Just spent 112 bucks. Not happy!

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Ahaha. [14 Sep 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

You are a very genki and energetic person with a lot of talent. You would pursue your dream tirelessly no matter how hard it may seem. You have a mysterious way of getting people to like you, regardless of their personality. Your emotions can run wild sometimes but you bring happiness and laughter around everyone.

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Hmm! [13 Sep 2003|01:58pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

You know.. XD I just woke up about an hour ago, from going to bed at 6AM! I got invited to a party last night, to a guys house named "John". Uhm.. I would have gone, but I was lazy and tired. And I didn't feel like being a "party animal", last night. So blaaah. I hope they don't get mad.

Lol, Michael called me a "Drama Queen Party pooper". Oo; Whatever that is. Because I didn't want to go last night. He'll get over it I'm sure. I hope they weren't -too- upset.

Anyway, I recorded some clips from "Sleeping Beauty", and sent them to Blair. Yes. I heart that movie, especially Merryweather. :D Hm.. What else? I chatted online last night AGAIN, at gay.com Yeah, I actually go there, because in one room, I know almost everyone personally. Some guys are ugly though... But I guess I shouldn't be judgemental. x_x

This one dude named "Anton" is all liking me.. I guess that's a good thing. He just wants sex, because he invited me to his house last night as well. And um, no thanks. I barely know him. He won't be getting lucky anytime soon. Even tho' his body is OMG YUM.

Okay.. I have work tonight at 5:15, so I got to get ready soon.. Oo; But I dun wanna go.. WAIT! Michael will be there, so I guess I can go, to fuck with him. So, that's all I have to say right now. I'll update later, when more happens in my day! Peace love and chicken grease.>! O_o

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Quiz.. [12 Sep 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Congrats, you are Yuna.A strong hearted summoner,
you aren't quite as confident as you could be
and that makes it easier for other people to
manipulate you. You know the difference between
right and wrong and will rush to help anyone,
even if you don't know them at all! This shows
just how kind you are, and you can also remain
calm in a tough situation.

Which FFX character are you?
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Hm.. [11 Sep 2003|10:47pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Quiet.. It's really quiet right now. In the house.. Besides my music playing. It's kind of eerie.. And blah. I'm feeling lonely. No one to talk to. I need to keep myself occupied.. But everyone is sleeping, and Michael is at work, and I don't know about Cynthia.. She probably got off at 7pm, I should call her.. Nah, her dad may answer, and I don't want to get yelled at. x_X

Hm.. What to do.. I finished watching Sleeping Beauty (I bought it today! XD), and Merryweather(the Blue one!) is my favorite fairy! XD She kicks major arse. I did go clothes shopping today, like I said, and I did go to the meeting. But I didn't get my contacts.. Stupid girl forgot them. -_- Now I have to wait until tomorrow and that's ONLY if she doesn't forget AGAIN. She said she'll place them next to her keys, so she won't forget, so we'll see tomorrow.

Alicia just signed on AIM! (YAY!).. Hm. Now I'm not that lonely anymore.. But I doubt she'll stay on long, she has to get up for school tomorrow, just like everyone else on my buddy list.. -_-;

Ah well. *Shrugs* Just bored.. And lonely. I'm now waiting for my brother to get home, so I can go to Wal*Mart, and bug the CSM's.. (yeah, I'm that bored), and besides, Michael's there right now. I can paint his car orange, to get back at him.

Annnnyyywaaay.. I talked to the guy I met online tonight.. "Ricky", he's a really great guy! :D He seems awesome. I probably boreded him to death tho'.. x_x I do that to some people, I think. I'm a very boring person? X_x

I got his AIM name from his journal profile, and decided to be nice, and IM him.. Even tho' he lives in Florda, doesn't mean we can't be long distance friends? Er.. He's cute though! XD I'd so date that boy. GAH anyway.

I'm gonna go. I'm tired of typing. e_e Reply if you want. :D


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